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WAIT UP! Would You Like Me To Personally Do Everything For You.

Imagine If Did All The Keyword Research And Selection, Domain Selection, Competitive Analysis, Write All The Content, Designed And Created An Amazing YouTube Video For You, Gave You Unlimited One On One Skype Calls With Me For The First 2 Months, Access To My Email Cash Funnel System


Just Imagine If I Would Promote Your New Site To My Niche Lists Of Over 8000 Subscribers.

Here's The Breakdown

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The Done For You Campaign & More!

Keyword Research And Selection

Most people fail and waste there time trying to rank for a Keyword that they may never rank for. Even if it does, is it the right keyword to attract Buying Traffic?

Most likely it's not! Well I will remove this whole problem for you. Here's How?

I will jump on a One on One Skype call and reveal some money pulling niches for you to pick from.

I will go to work and Select your Main Keyword and the LSI keywords you will rank for.

Remove the guess work and let me take care of this for you. Just chill out and watch some TV while I get this done.


Competitive Analysis

This is another factor most people get wrong. They pick a niche, then a keyword, they check the competing pages and that's it.

If you do this you will more than likely fail. Here's where I go in depth and look into all the competition in great detail to almost guarantee you will rank for the keywords I have chosen for you.

I will also be able to establish exactly what needs to be done to dominate your competition as well. So let me do your competitive analysis and save your self plenty of time and a few headaches.

I'll Also Do

Domain Selection

This is another important part of building a successful niche website that ranks in the search engines.

Selecting a Domain is not as easy as it sounds. It's all based of your main keyword but we want to make sure that it's available, niche related, keyword related and not over optimized. (Then again it can't be under optimized either)

No need to worry I will select the domain for you with the correct extension and contact you immediately to ensure we grab it before anyone else does.


I Will Create The Content For You

Now this is a big one, you will NOT have to write the posts and figure out the content at all. Why? because I will write all the content for you. This includes up to 4 posts each between 750 and 1000 words.

The content will be optimized with your main keyword and LSI keywords placed strategically to ensure your first site has excellent on page SEO.

This is a huge time saver and also means you do next to no research on the product or niche you are entering. It's all done for you. I will then contact you and help you place it on your site and make sure your setting and other on page optimization is perfect as well.

I Will Also Do

A Professional YouTube Video

Another essential part of the process is a Youtube video that will be placed on your site and YouTube plus a few other important video sharing sites as well.

Normally you would have to create this yourself or spend cash to get this done. BUT NOT NOW!

I will have a professional YouTube Video created that will get views and drive traffic to your site and the affiliate offer as well. It will build a great backlink and produce immediate sales for you straight away.

Plus Here's A Big Bonus!

Unlimited One on One Skype Calls For The First 2 Months!

This is where you can really take your business to the next level. You'll receive Unlimited One on One Coaching Call with Me for the first 2 months.

This is where I take you behind the scenes and really help you in a one on one fashion to ensure you succeed.

This normally costs over $247 per 1 hour session.. But today you can get access to it here as a bonus to help your done for you campaign become even more successful.

Here's Another Bonus Before The Big One Down Below!

Access To My Email Cash Funnel Blueprint

This is something that so many people miss. When you start getting traffic and people leave your site without taking action it's bad. Why? because you are unlikely to ever have that person on your site again.

Now you can get the exact steps I use to build a massive email list from all these people that turn up on your site and don't click on any links.

You will now be able to promote to them over and over. Implement this one thing to double your profits on a long term basis.

& Finally You Will Also Receive

An Email Promotion To My Niche Lists - 8000+ Subscribers

So this is a big one. I will promote your new site to my personal email lists of over 8000 subscribers. These are all people that have opted in to receive different information from multiple different niches.

The potential traffic will be massive, by doing this your site will gain a massive boost in the search engine and not to mention the possible sales you will achieve.

This is another reason why this Done For You Service is very limited. So don't delay on this one as this is huge!

YES Mark! I Want You To Do

All The Keyword Research, Domain Selection, Competitive Analysis, Write All The Content, Design And Create An Amazing YouTube Video, Unlimited One On One Skype Calls For The First 2 Months, Access To Your Email Cash Funnel System


I Want You To Promote My New Site To Your Niche Lists Of Over 8000 Subscribers.


What's The Investment?

Well, you are probably thinking that this is going to cost well over $1000 and you would be correct because this type of service can go for much more than that.

But here's the good news, because I have been doing this for so long and I'm so confident that I can help your achieve 1st page rankings that I'm going to be reducing the price for this One Time Special.

NOTE: This offer is very limited due to the time that it takes me to deal with each new Done For You Campaign. So it's only available to the first 20 people that get on board.

So here's the Special Offer for Today ONLY (This Would Normally Retail For Over $1000)

But! because this is a Special One Time Offer you can get access to the full Done For You Package for:

ONLY $247

WARNING! ONLY 3 Spots Remaining!

The Get Ranked System Done For You

(This is a One Time Investment Only)

And Remember

You Are Covered By My 60 Day 100% No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee..

Come On board, use my personal system and if you are unhappy for any reason at all I will happily refund your entire investment.

All The Risk Is On Me

The Get Ranked System Done For You